Lesson Learned. Who is your Domain Registrar?

BriansBlog.ca takes another step forward to going live. After spending more time than I am willing to admit, I finally managed to log into Brian’s domain registrar account I setup for his BriansBlog.ca domains and successfully changed the name server entries to point to his blog’s new hosting account. As a result, BriansBlog.ca should be live and accessable online within the next 24 to 48 hours. Yippie!

Now as to why it took me so long to accomplish this rather simple feat is yet another example of stubborn stupidity or mental paralysis that plagues me from time to time. Thinking I registered his domains at NetFirms.ca I tried repeatedly to log into his account I setup for him there. After numerous unsuccessful attempts I finally decided to submit a request to have the account password emailed out to me. When that fails to work either, I eventually give up and call their tech support group. Five minutes later I have the answer. Wrong registrar. I had registered the domains at Domain.com, not NetFirms.ca. Another lesson learned. So a word to the wise for anyone with domains registered. Be sure to keep an accurate track of who your domain registrars are, especially if you have more than one such as in my case.


One Response to “Lesson Learned. Who is your Domain Registrar?

  1. By Josh Wood on Apr 20, 2008

    Scott! My question is how you run PHP and MySQL on the 400? And what poor bandwidth vendor did you trick into collocating one of those beasts for you?

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