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In Memory Of

Well it’s been quite some time since I posted my last entry but I am sad to say, it was not without reason.

Since March my life has been pierced with the loss of two family members and a close family friend. I am not sure who ever said tragedy comes in three’s but it appears to be all too true.

My Uncle Eric was the last remaining Uncle on my mother’s side. His death should have come as no surprise considering he was well into his seventies, which by any measure is a ripe old age. While his passing away was a sad and sorrowful event, it was comforting to know he had lived a long and fulfilled life. His death was yet another reminder that my parents generation are no longer with us, but instead, past memories of a life long gone.

Well from there things only got worse, much worse. What seemed like just a couple of short weeks later, my brother-in-law Sid, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and before the shock or reality of the situation even had time to sink in, he too passed away. My sister and her family are now left to deal with the devastating loss of her husband and their father. Sid’s death has left us all in deep mourning.

As my only brother-in-law and one who has been a member of our family my entire life, I too am finding it very difficult to accept his death. Sid has been a part of my life from my earliest childhood memories forward. From the early days on Mount Scio Road, Larkall Street, Lockston, Belle Island, St Phillips and of course Manuals, where Sid and my sister has lived for the last twenty years, there has been many memories shared, and many of those I will always cherish.

As with the passing of my parents many years ago, I know this is something only time can heal and nothing else.

Just after our trip to St. John’s, Newfoundland, to attend Sid’s wake and funeral, a third deadly strike lands it’s blow. Within days of our return, we learn that our close family friend Bob Metcafe, passed away in hospital, where he had been admitted in critical condition. Bob was someone who was loved by all, but by no one more than his wife, Suzie.

Bob and Suzie have been together since their early teens and with Bob planning to retire next year, they were both looking forward to finally sitting back to enjoy the remainder of their life together.  Once again, tragety strikes and we are left to mourn the loss of yet another loved one.

A loss of anyone you care about is always a difficult and heart-retching experience.  Whether expected or unexpected, the tragedy is no less painful or easier to deal with. It is left to those of us who remain to   comfort each other in our time of need,  to remember and share the good times, and above all else, cherish those memories important to us.

It is after all, our collective memories that give much meaning and life to those who have passed on before us, and for all of us who will soon follow.

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2 Responses to “In Memory Of

  1. By tyrone arrowsmith on Apr 24, 2009

    dear scott i was searching for answers about mexico block and your site appeared. i had to read your story about your loss. and it made me sad i dont know you and you dont know me and i live on the other side of the planet. but the inpact of what happened to you affected me from start to finish. my parents are still alive and i know one day i will loose them to.i have lost family and friends. unfortunately we have to die to make way for others.but of course its the way we die that counts reading this tonight has changed my outlook about life. i wish you all the best and more memories

  2. By Shawn Chatman on Nov 9, 2009

    Hi Scott,
    Sorry for your loss. It’s been awhile since we last talk. I lost both parent in 2008. Dsd died in Feb and mom in April. Only 7 weeks apart. So from your website you are on the rock. Look foward to you email address as I don’t have a current one. Maybe swap phone numbers and have a chat.

    Taks care.


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